Year of the Bible 2014


"Your words were found, and I ate them, and your words became to me a joy and the delight of my heart, for your name is called upon me, Lord God of hosts!" – Jeremiah 15:16

2014 Year-of-the-Bible Overview:

Common Questions

In a nutshell, what exactly is "2014 Year-of-the-Bible" at DRE?
2014 is being designated as the Year-of-the-Bible at Deep Run East Mennonite Church. While emphasis on Scripture is an ongoing reality at DRE each and every year, 2014 will have a particular focus on the overall story of the Bible. We will be exploring how God's story of Scripture intersects with the story of our daily lives.

What is the hope for this year-long emphasis at DRE?
The vision for this emphasis is for us to "be a people who are formed and transformed by Scripture." Our hope is not only that we will know Scripture better (in "our heads"), but that the Holy Spirit will use Scripture to influence our hearts, our hands, our feet, really our whole lives! Wouldn't it be wonderful if everyone at DRE had a deeper hunger to "feast on Scripture" – knowing the Bible, meditating on it, living it, and sharing it with others?

What will this emphasis look like?
The "Year-of-the-Bible" focus will be integrated into the various aspects of congregational life including Sunday morning worship, Sunday School classes (all ages), and some other creative possibilities that we are exploring. Each week, the focus of worship will dovetail with the Sunday School focus for all ages (children, youth, and adults).

What resources will be used for this focus?
The main resource is the Bible! We will also be utilizing some supplemental congregational resources developed by Zondervan publishing. These resources include The Story, The Story for Children, and additional resources for preaching/teaching.

What is The Story book that we are receiving?
The Story is an abridged chronological version of the Bible that tells the big story of God from Genesis through Revelation. It is not intended to replace, but rather, to be a supplemental resource to the Bible.

When will this emphasis officially begin?
We will have a "launch" for this year-long focus in worship on Sunday, January 5, 2014.

What can I do to prepare for the "2014 Year-of-the-Bible?" at DRE?
You are encouraged to 1) pray for this year-long emphasis at DRE 2) review the materials in this packet (which includes The Story, an overall outline for 2014, bookmark, committment card, reading schedule) 3) Plan to participate in congregational life in 2014 and invite your friends/neighbors to DRE 4) Share any feedback you may have (i.e. questions, creative ideas, etc.) with the Planning Team, which consists of – Pastor Ken & Brent, the Elders (Don Nice, Rich Leatherman, Phil Nyce, Ruth Swartley), Duane & Pat Bishop, Barb Hackman, and Mae Kulp.


To follow along on this 2014 Year of the Bible journey with us, check out the attachments for the reading schedule and Sunday sermon series schedule. We welcome you to join us in taking the one year committment. (see the attached printable version of our committment card) We have also included a printable bookmark just for you that includes some helpful questions as you explore each chapter with us.

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Download this file (2014 YTB Reading Plan 1st Qtr web.pdf)Reading Plan January-March 2014406 Kb