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Date Title Media
Apr 17 He's Got the Whole World Brent Camilleri
1John 4:9-12
Apr 10 This is Big . . . Really, Really Big! Ken Burkholder
Colossians 1:15-23
Apr 3 Bearing Fruit Ken Burkholder
Colossians 1:1-14
Mar 27 Emptiness and Easter Ken Burkholder
John 20:1-18
Mar 20 The Plot Thickens Ken Burkholder
Mark 15:6-15
Mar 13 Living Ink: An Unexpected Twist Brent Camilleri
Isaiah 43:16-21
Mar 6 Living Ink: Turning Over A New Leaf Ken Burkholder
Luke 15:1-3
Feb 28 Living Ink: Leaping Off the Page Ken Burkholder
Luke 13:1-9
Feb 21 Living Ink: Finding Light in Dark Text Ken Burkholder
Genesis 15:1-12
Feb 14 Living Ink: Letting Go of the Pen Ken Burkholder
Luke 4:1-13
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