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Date Title Media
Aug 23 Rip Open the Roof! Ken Burkholder
Mark 2:1-12
Aug 16 Is the God of the Old Testament a God of Peace? Brent Camilleri
Exodus 14:13-14
Aug 9 What is the Church’s Response to Homosexuality? Ken Burkholder
Romans 1:18-2:1
Aug 2 What About People of Other Faiths? Ken Burkholder
Acts 17:16-34
Jul 12 Can a Person Lose Salvation? Ken Burkholder
2Timothy 2:8-13
Jun 28 How Do We Interpret Scripture? Ken Burkholder
2Timothy 3:16-17
Jun 21 Where is God When Life is Tough? Ken Burkholder
Job 1:1-12
Jun 14 Our Uncharacteristic Call Brent Camilleri
Mark 1:14-20
Jun 7 God's Connections Richard Showalter
Acts 8:26-40
May 31 God's Strong and Stirring Spirit! Ken Burkholder
Acts 2:1-21
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