Children's Sunday School


Sunday school follows our morning worship service from 10:15 to 11:15 each Sunday morning. The children’s Sunday school program at DRE begins the hour with opening time together in the “Kids Cafe“ in our church basement area. The “kids café” area provides a safe and loving environment for all our children as the engage in experiences to nurture their faith. We require security checks for all our children’s teachers and care givers.

The children either spend time singing together (age 2 through kindergarten) or sharing and prayer time with their peers and adults over a simple snack in the café area. (Grades 1 to 5) This time provides opportunities for our children to interact with multiple generations and feel liked they are respected and valued as members of our church family.


Following 15 minutes of singing or sharing and prayer time, the children head to their classrooms for 45 minutes of Bible stories and related activities. The curriculum used for ages 2 to grade 5 is "SHINE" Living in God's Light, materials, Hearing and Sharing God’s Good News produced by Mennonite Church USA. This curriculum is Bible based nurturing children to become followers of Jesus sharing “his” love and good news to those around us at home, in church, in school and in our community. The biblical text in our Shine On Series is engaging and interesting for children. The activities provided, invite families to grow a lifelong faith one story at a time.

All children are invited and welcome to attend Sunday school whether they attend regularly or one time visitors.

Sunday School Snack List Click Here

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Sunday School Lesson Plans Here:

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