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MAMA Project, Inc.

MAMA Project, Inc. (Mujeres Amigas Miles Apart) is an international nonprofit focused on promoting health and wholeness while working through national and international partnerships. Each year, Deep Run East gathers groups of church members and neighbors to travel to Honduras on mission trips to help with medical, dental and construction brigades. To date, more than 75 Deep Run East church members and friends have traveled abroad in support of MAMA Project and to provide to Lord’s helping hand to Hondurans in need. To learn more about MAMA Project, Inc., visit

MAMA Project WOGL Interview...Leah Ludwig and Dr. Kathy Roeder, members of the January 2011 MAMA Project mission trip to Honduras, participated in an interview with Brad Segall of 98.1 FM's The Philadelphia Agenda. The interview focused on their experience during the 10-day mission trip to San Pedro Sula, Honduras in support of MAMA Project, Inc. and how Deep Run East is involved in this ongoing international mission work.

The interview aired on Sunday, March 13, 2011. Click here to hear the full interview, or go to

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